Sunday, December 21, 2014

Essential Skin Care for the winter for All the Family

With the winter weather here our skin becomes the victim through these months.  We should all take the attitude that prevention is better than cure.  The harsh weather conditions take the natural oils from our skin so the need for moisturiser is imperative.  The cold dry air leads to dehydrated and flaky skin and at times even eczema (where the skin has become inflamed).  Obviously with the weather outside being so cold we heat our homes, no matter how you heat your house, it still counteracts and dries your skin at the same time. 

You may have found a good moisturiser throughout the spring and summer but with the change of the weather conditions an oil basis moisturiser would be advisable.  Putting oils into your skin is highly recommended.  Once you have showered you should moisturise and/or use oil into your skin. 

Using a face mask once a week.  There are many different types available but during the winter months, firming masks should be considered as these will double the muscle contractions around the face and doubling the effect.   This will help against anti-ageing. Ex-foliating the skin quickens the skin turnover and this then triggers the natural repair process.

One part of the face that we cannot forget is the lips.  You should make sure that you nourish and protect against the harsh weather conditions.  A good quality lip balm should be applied regularly.  Also applying balm to your lips whilst you are sleeping allows the lips to restore to their natural beauty.

These guidelines should be put into action for all members of the family.  Remember your children will not know about skin care so you will have to lead by example and apply mosituriser cream, oils, lip balms etc for them.  The worse thing is to look upon your young child and see red inflamed face and/or lips which look sore and itchy and knowing that there was something you could have done to prevent this from happening. 

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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

From Your Little Girl to a Teenager!

For all parents with daughters there comes that day when you look at your little girl and realise that she is now a teenager. There would have been signs along the way such as the mood swings, no more dollies being played with, posters on the wall and make up slowly being purchased and applied! She will regard her mobile as life or death and couldn’t be without it in order to keep in contact with her mates. The need to look good is high on the priority list. The newest and latest fashion is being purchased all the time. This then means that she will stand in front of a mirror making herself look the part for hours. There should be some vital items that you as the parent she should buy to make her and your life easier.  

Make up remover and moisturizer. Getting into the habit of removing her make-up and moisturizing from a young age will stand her skin to stay young and soft. Natural ingredients with no perfume should be considered in order to avoid sensitivity.

Perfume and deodorant. With the fact that your daughter will be having a dramatic change in hormones this can sometimes produce the evil "body odour", so the deodorant is the solution. Perfume is the sealing item to feeling great once she is ready.

Hair products. Her hair will be in many different styles and possibly colours. There will be drying, straightening, curling, hair up and down so you need some products to protect against the heat and constant changes. Something like arganoil or serum would be good option. Both of these products reduce frizz, condition the hair and add a beautiful shine. 

Allowance. Keeping a regular allowance for her will enable some money management. It is easy to get into the habit of handing money out as and when it is asked for but this doesn't give her any concept of money management.

The teenager years are a challenging time for any parent so staying focused and providing help for your child through this period is imperative.

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Thursday, November 6, 2014

Vitamins Which Are Essential for Skin Health

The skin is the biggest organ in the body, and much of it is on display, so of course you want it to look as healthy as possible. In addition to the usual things such as keeping hydrated, getting enough sleep and avoiding too much exposure to the sun, there are numerous things you can do to keep your skin healthy. 

Healthy skin starts with a healthy diet, so make sure you incorporate these vitamins into your regular eating plan. This will ensure your skin is naturally healthy, so that any skin care products you use will work well for you.

Vitamin C

This is a powerful antioxidant which combats the environmental damage caused by sunlight, smoke and pollution.  This type of damage can leave your skin wrinkled and prematurely aged. Vitamin C is vital for tissue repair, and it can help with healing skin problems. It also boosts the immune system and encourages collagen production, which is important as you grow older. Citrus fruits, olive oil and vegetables are all rich in vitamin C, and should form part of any healthy diet.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E reduces the appearance of wrinkles and results in a younger, smoother look for the skin. It also protects against the harmful effects of the sun. Vitamin E is present in most quality anti-aging creams, such as Naturally Mediterranean Revitalizing Eye Cream. It also occurs in nuts, eggs, avocados and many green vegetables.

Vitamin A

This is a hard working vitamin, essential for maintaining healthy skin and repairing damage. It can prevent acne, treat dry skin, and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. You can get all the vitamin A your skin needs from your diet. It’s present in eggs, milk, liver and some breakfast cereals.

B vitamins

This vitamin complex regularizes the complexion tones and also has moisture retaining properties. That helps to keep the skin looking young and hydrated,  so the B vitamins are vital for healthy skin. 

Vitamin D

This aids calcium absorption, which improves bone density. It's also essential for healthy nails, hair, and general skin health. Good skin requires well sculpted cheekbones to show it off to best advantage, and vitamin D can help to achieve this.

However, for really great looking skin, make sure you eat a varied diet, rich in these essential vitamins and antioxidants.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Hair and Body Oil from Naturally Found Ingredients

Argan oil – which is produced from the nut of the argan tree that grows only in Southwestern Morocco – is such an effective beauty treatment it’s known locally as ‘liquid gold.’

Argan oil is rich in Omega 3 and Omega 9 fatty acids, as well as naturally occurring antioxidants and vitamin E. This blend of powerful natural ingredients help to create a product which can moisturise, strengthen and repair damaged hair. And the good news is, it only takes a drop or two of this oil to make a visible difference to the condition of your hair.

Moroccan men and women have known about the amazing benefits of argan oil for centuries, and now  everyone can discover the amazing benefits of this wonderful natural ingredient.

And those benefits are not just restricted to the hair – our hair and body silk can also be used on your complexion as a moisturiser, and to strengthen nails, treat dry skin patches and reduce the appearance of scars.’

Argan oil can work on even badly damaged hair to moisturise and strengthen the hair shaft, stimulate the follicles to promote new hair growth, and repair the damage caused by sun exposure and the use of colourants and chemicals.

While other cosmetic and skin care companies are also producing and promoting argan oil products, Naturally Mediterranean’s new Magic Oil Hair And Body Silk is unique because it can be used in several ways, for both hair and skin treatment. It is also a totally natural product, free from potentially harmful chemicals.

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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Hair and Body Oil - Answering Questions Regarding Chemicals

Butylated Hydroxytoluene (BHT) in Cosmetics and Skin Care Products
Many of the constituents as well as substances which are made use of in modern skin care and also cosmetic products aren't only artificial - that's, fabricated instead of all natural - also, they are possibly damaging. That’s extremely incredible during a period when the focal point is firmly focused on everything natural, regardless of whether it is food and drinks to go into your body, or skin lotions and creams and also remedies to put on it. Butylated Hydroxytoluene (BHT) is certainly one component with a varying press.

is really a man-made antioxidant currently in use as a preserving agent in lipsticks, skin lotions and also selected other cosmetic products like cleansing agents, face make up and also body oils. BHT also lengthens the actual life expectancy for the items and keeps the actual colours in beauty products constant. It’s also employed to conserve foods - mainly certain foods that contain fat that can go rancid as time passes. Other uses involve jet fuels, petrol items and even surprisingly even embalming solution! Of the two significant substances within BHT, P-cresol attracts mosquitoes, and isobutylene is extremely combustible.
In the 1970’s, an American doctor linked BHT with hyperactivity in children. Recently, some research has determined that this chemical is carcinogenic, and others have found that it could in fact lessen the danger of malignancy, hence there exists a certain level of dispute encompassing the use of BHT.
Some foodstuff makers are so very worried about the risk they have ended the use of BHT in their goods, despite the fact that the United states Food and Drug Administration (FDA) considers BHT fit for human consumption. Nevertheless, BHT is banned for foodstuff usage in Australia, Japan, Romania, Sweden and also the United kingdom, so there happen to be enormously differing opinions of the safety of BHT.
Champions regarding the use of BHT state that because the proportions of the compound included in makeup products as well as skin-care products is very low - lower than 0.5% - it is actually not hazardous to the health. And they also insist that the particular chemical either remains on the skin or perhaps only permeates your skin cellular layers slowly, so it can take quite a long time to reach the system, if it ever is able to to accomplish this. One particular informed point of view is that BHT can only contribute to cancer malignancy when taken by mouth - which explains why certain nations have prohibited the chemical's use in food items - but there is no definite information to be able to confirm that BHT does or perhaps doesn't trigger malignancy.
Also, there are conflicting views on if it may be absorbed into the actual blood or not. Testing on animals demonstrate that prolonged exposure to BHT can cause cancers, difficulty in breathing and liver problems. Several research has concluded that any malignancy protection traits which BHT may have because of being an antioxidant - though a man-made one - are usually outweighed by the chemical’s malignancy causing properties.

In the
wake of all the controversy, does a product like BHT truly belong in food items and skincare items? Naturally Mediterranean believes that this sort of possibly damaging chemical does not have any place in any skincare goods. It certainly has no place in the natural skin-care products which the manufacturer creates.