Friday, February 27, 2015

A Few Beauty Tips

Nothing shows a woman's beauty other than her skin. When your skin glows then all of you glows. How many times have we heard people comment on how beautiful a pregnant woman's skin is? "She has such a glow," people will say.

Have you ever sat and wished that you could improve your skin and make it glow? All those times you have spent trying to hide blemishes or discolourations, or sheer dullness? Have you just wanted it to look cleaner and clearer naturally, before you put on your natural skin care lotions and make ups? If yes, then here are a few natural beauty tips.

Natural Beauty Tip #1: Starts with the simplest thing - Drink lots of water! The more water you drink, the better your skin will look.

Natural Beauty Tip #2: Eat plenty of fresh vegetables - the more uncooked ones you eat the better. Your body needs all those minerals and nutrients that you get from raw and fresh vegetables. Your skin will thank and reward you with a healthy glow.

Natural Beauty Tip #3: Do not smoke cigarettes. Nicotine yellows your skin, clogs your pores and gives you those nasty blackheads. This is both a health and beauty tip. Think of what it must do to the rest of your body, if it can do that to your skin! Just give it up!

Natural Beauty Tip #4: Take additional vitamins! They keep you healthy, help you sleep, and if you are taking the right vitamins they nourish not only your blood but your skin. All that nourishment will make you look and feel younger. As we all know, when we feel good, we look good. The real secret to beauty!

Natural Beauty Tip #5: Get plenty of rest. Don't stay up too late, then get up too early, and do it too many days in a row, in other ways don’t burn the candle at both ends. Sure, there are those times when we have to go the extra mile and it may show for a day in our overall beauty. Just don't make a habit of it. Sleep is the time when the body regenerates.

Natural Beauty Tip #6: Try to reduce stress in your life, this is very important or all other efforts will not be as effective. Stress shows on your body all the time: the way you walk, the look in your eye, the haggard appearance of your skin, the way you talk, even the way you sit in your chair. Here's a little beauty advice: your stress shows on your whole body so do not let that stress become overwhelming.

The funny thing about these beauty tips is that you can easily see that it really is just one big beauty tip: keep yourself healthy and happy and it will show in your skin. Then when you use your natural skin care creams and make up it will make you even that much more beautiful than you are naturally.

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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Perfect Gift Ideas for Parents Anytime Of the Year to Make Them Feel Special

Gifts are always expected at certain times of the year like Valentines, birthdays and Christmas but there are times when just receiving a gift from someone touches your heart and restores love and faith into your life.   Life is one uphill struggle for most of us so when that someone; being a partner, family member or friend puts a smile on your face this is one of the best things that can happen.  Being a parent takes up so much of your time those we all need time out for you.

A gift can be anything from taking someone out for a meal and giving them time away from the normal monotonous daily life tasks that prevail to purchasing them a gift.  What type of gift would be appropriate just to make someone feel special? The obvious thing of chocolates, flowers and perfumes come straight to the front of our minds, but these are convenient, classic and traditional and can be seen as no real deep thought.   So what other alternatives can you buy?

Clothing:  This is an option but the issue about fashion, taste and size could cause some problems.  You would have to be in a position where you really know this person and can be assured that your purchase would be spot on!

Music:  Music can be a great gift.  The type of music would be the only concern here.  The purchase of a love album when someone is heartbroken or feeling lonely would not be the best move, a easy listening up tempo album would be more appropriate.  Like everything in the world some things are never straight forward.

Skincare Items:  The option of skincare provides you with a large range for either men or women.  When it comes to parents, one of the last things that a parent thinks about it themselves.  Majority of parents will be backed up against the wall against time, free space away from the kids and money.  Without the free time looking after ourselves can easily be skipped and forgotten.  Gifts of face creams, anti ageing eye creams and a good natural moisturizer would make this less time consuming and then wouldn’t be overlooked.  A habit is easy to slip into but hard to get out of!

Just some suggestions for an alternative gift away from the classic faithful ones and helping parents to feel like a human and not just a machine that everyone wants to control!

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Saturday, February 14, 2015

The Impact of Extreme Weather on Our Skin

With freezing temperatures outside and heating cranked up to the max, chapped lips, sore red patches and flaky skin have become a daily occurrence.  But what actually happens to our skin in weather like this?

Extreme weather might have played havoc with our day-to-day lives over the past few weeks, but it's been having an impact for you and your entire family. We all need to get into the habit of protecting ourselves and not being in the position of being in pain before acting on the issue.

When it's very cold outside, there is less moisture in the environment, this then causes the skin to become dry and chapped.  This lack of moisture is aided by the wind, which blows moisture away from the skin and then coming into the houses where heating is at the maximum, this then causes a reaction which shows on the skin.

Moisturisers work in two ways, using two different types of ingredient. There are humectants, such as hyaluronic acid and urea, and the other is occlusives, such as paraffin. Humectants draw water from the lower levels of the skin  -  this comes from the water we drink  -  to rehydrate the upper levels of the skin, while occlusives have a barrier function to help lock in this moisture.

Winter weather demands a moisturiser that helps your skin to remain smooth and hydrated.  Once you have found the moisturiser that works for you, the next step is maintaining the applications.  That is one thing that we are all guilty of, getting a remedy for a problem and then forgetting that "prevention is better than cure."  Remember to apply moisturiser on the smaller members of your family, they sometimes cant tell you how their skin feels and younger skin needs its protection all the time.

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