Sunday, December 21, 2014

Essential Skin Care for the winter for All the Family

With the winter weather here our skin becomes the victim through these months.  We should all take the attitude that prevention is better than cure.  The harsh weather conditions take the natural oils from our skin so the need for moisturiser is imperative.  The cold dry air leads to dehydrated and flaky skin and at times even eczema (where the skin has become inflamed).  Obviously with the weather outside being so cold we heat our homes, no matter how you heat your house, it still counteracts and dries your skin at the same time. 

You may have found a good moisturiser throughout the spring and summer but with the change of the weather conditions an oil basis moisturiser would be advisable.  Putting oils into your skin is highly recommended.  Once you have showered you should moisturise and/or use oil into your skin. 

Using a face mask once a week.  There are many different types available but during the winter months, firming masks should be considered as these will double the muscle contractions around the face and doubling the effect.   This will help against anti-ageing. Ex-foliating the skin quickens the skin turnover and this then triggers the natural repair process.

One part of the face that we cannot forget is the lips.  You should make sure that you nourish and protect against the harsh weather conditions.  A good quality lip balm should be applied regularly.  Also applying balm to your lips whilst you are sleeping allows the lips to restore to their natural beauty.

These guidelines should be put into action for all members of the family.  Remember your children will not know about skin care so you will have to lead by example and apply mosituriser cream, oils, lip balms etc for them.  The worse thing is to look upon your young child and see red inflamed face and/or lips which look sore and itchy and knowing that there was something you could have done to prevent this from happening. 

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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

From Your Little Girl to a Teenager!

For all parents with daughters there comes that day when you look at your little girl and realise that she is now a teenager. There would have been signs along the way such as the mood swings, no more dollies being played with, posters on the wall and make up slowly being purchased and applied! She will regard her mobile as life or death and couldn’t be without it in order to keep in contact with her mates. The need to look good is high on the priority list. The newest and latest fashion is being purchased all the time. This then means that she will stand in front of a mirror making herself look the part for hours. There should be some vital items that you as the parent she should buy to make her and your life easier.  

Make up remover and moisturizer. Getting into the habit of removing her make-up and moisturizing from a young age will stand her skin to stay young and soft. Natural ingredients with no perfume should be considered in order to avoid sensitivity.

Perfume and deodorant. With the fact that your daughter will be having a dramatic change in hormones this can sometimes produce the evil "body odour", so the deodorant is the solution. Perfume is the sealing item to feeling great once she is ready.

Hair products. Her hair will be in many different styles and possibly colours. There will be drying, straightening, curling, hair up and down so you need some products to protect against the heat and constant changes. Something like arganoil or serum would be good option. Both of these products reduce frizz, condition the hair and add a beautiful shine. 

Allowance. Keeping a regular allowance for her will enable some money management. It is easy to get into the habit of handing money out as and when it is asked for but this doesn't give her any concept of money management.

The teenager years are a challenging time for any parent so staying focused and providing help for your child through this period is imperative.

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